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ASUS Transformer AIO P1801 review

ASUS Transformer AIO - Part Desktop, Part Tablet

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Launch SRP S$1799

Overall rating 8/10
Overall desktop/tablet performance is good
NVIDIA GeForce GT 730M GPU is considerably better than its predecessor
Dual OS, form factor capability
Good audio performance for an AIO
Reasonably priced
Screen is a compromise - too small for a desktop, too large for a tablet
Significant weight makes it difficult to be used as a traditional tablet
Could do with more ports as a tablet

Desktop: Design & Features

PC Station: Design & Features

As an AIO, the ASUS Transformer is a modern-looking system featuring liberal use of brushed metal and polished piano black surfaces. And with its 18.4-inch display, it looks and feels more compact than most other AIOs, which typically have 20-inch displays or larger. Additionally, like most ASUS products, the Transformer AIO certainly looks and feel like an expensive and premium product.

That said, the Transformer AIO is a tad unusual because rather than house all the components in the base of the stand like most other AIOs do, the desktop components are housed in a rectangular compartment that is perched on the stand. In some ways, this makes the Transformer AIO look like a docking speaker.

Speaking of which, like Apple iMacs, the stand adjusts for tilt but not for height. Fortunately, the display docks at a comfortable height and the stand itself allows for a fair degree of tilt, which means users should be able to find a position that suits them best.

Finally, for an AIO, the Transformer actually has decent audio chops. It is loud and sounds sufficiently full-bodied, unlike most other AIOs which typically sound thin and weak. In fact, if you are not picky about sound, the Transformer AIO could easily do without standalone speakers.