ASUS Transformer AIO - Part Desktop, Part Tablet

Launch SRP: S$1799

Desktop: Design & Features

PC Station: Design & Features

As an AIO, the ASUS Transformer is a modern-looking system featuring liberal use of brushed metal and polished piano black surfaces. And with its 18.4-inch display, it looks and feels more compact than most other AIOs, which typically have 20-inch displays or larger. Additionally, like most ASUS products, the Transformer AIO certainly looks and feel like an expensive and premium product.

That said, the Transformer AIO is a tad unusual because rather than house all the components in the base of the stand like most other AIOs do, the desktop components are housed in a rectangular compartment that is perched on the stand. In some ways, this makes the Transformer AIO look like a docking speaker.

Speaking of which, like Apple iMacs, the stand adjusts for tilt but not for height. Fortunately, the display docks at a comfortable height and the stand itself allows for a fair degree of tilt, which means users should be able to find a position that suits them best.

Finally, for an AIO, the Transformer actually has decent audio chops. It is loud and sounds sufficiently full-bodied, unlike most other AIOs which typically sound thin and weak. In fact, if you are not picky about sound, the Transformer AIO could easily do without standalone speakers.

The Good
Overall desktop/tablet performance is good
NVIDIA GeForce GT 730M GPU is considerably better than its predecessor
Dual OS, form factor capability
Good audio performance for an AIO
Reasonably priced
The Bad
Screen is a compromise - too small for a desktop, too large for a tablet
Significant weight makes it difficult to be used as a traditional tablet
Could do with more ports as a tablet