ASUS Matrix GTX580 Platinum - Over the Top

Launch SRP: S$809



Surprisingly for an ASUS ROG product, this Matrix GTX580 Platinum doesn't come with clock speeds that will beat world records, at least not out of the box. While the default clocks are not too impressive, the tweaking features more than made up for it. Some of them are new to ASUS' graphics cards and honestly, won't be useful to 99% of users. Others, like the Safe Mode button to restore the BIOS is something that should be on more high-end enthusiast cards.

The biggest thing that comes with this card in our opinion is ASUS new GPU Tweak utility and this is in fact a free tool that works on all graphics cards, including those from other brands. There are some ROG exclusive features within this utility, but for the most part, it's a competitive take on other free tweaking utilities like MSI's Afterburner and we look forward to more innovations in this area.

Finally, we should give credit to ASUS' DirectCU II cooler for producing the lowest temperatures we have seen yet on a GeForce GTX 580. The power consumption too seemed to be slightly lower than the typical GTX 580 and justifies the power management IC on this card.

With a typical GeForce GTX 580 going for around US$500, the ASUS Matrix GTX580 Platinum with all its higher clocks and all those ROG frills, was always going to cost more. At the moment, we only have online reports stating that ASUS has pegged it at a very reasonable US$530 price for this card, but we'll update that again once we get any official news on the local availability and price. 

If it's indeed US$530, ASUS has a very attractive deal here for aspiring overclockers and other enthusiasts. No doubt, the high price of any GTX 580 will deter most casual buyers but even those who don't intend to use the ROG features could be tempted at this price solely for the superior cooler on this card.

Latest update: ASUS has replied about the local price for the Matrix - it's a whopping S$809 here, though given that the competition like MSI's GTX 580 Lightning is going for $789, it's perhaps not unexpected. The first batch will arrive in July, but stocks will be limited.

It's not the fastest GTX 580 in the market, but the ASUS Matrix GTX580 Platinum lives up to its ROG reputation with some extreme tweaking features and a superior cooler.

The Good
The DirectCU II cooler is excellent - quiet and effective
Safe Mode button to restore BIOS
ROG features useful for extreme overclockers
GPU Tweak utility makes tweaking the GPU easy and convenient
The Bad
Default clock speeds are too conservative
Takes up three expansion slots

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