AMD A10-5800K 'Black Edition' Trinity APU - AMD Takes HSA to Newer Heights

Launch SRP: S$169

Results - SYSmark 2007 Preview & Lightwave 3D 9.0

SYSmark 2007 Results

SYSmark 2007 scales well to a CPU's processing prowess and our AMD A10-5800K came out to be 12.4% behind its direct competitor, the Intel Core i3-3220. Despite the fact that the AMD APU is billed as a 'quad-core' processor (which has quad integer and dual floating point processing units), has more overall cache and operates at faster clock speeds, the 'lowly' Intel chip supporting HyperThreading still pulls ahead rather convincingly on most accounts showing strengths in video creation and 3D processing tasks. Still, it's no slouch when we pitted the A10-5800K against the previous generation Llano APU and saw a sizable improvement of over 20%. While it failed to best the AMD FX-8150, it was only by a thin margin of about 4%. This is an impressive showing considering that the FX-8150 is a eight-core processor with a L3 cache of 8MB, which the Trinity desktop APU is sorely lacking. Note that this and almost all tests (unless otherwise mentioned) are using the same discrete graphics card to ensure all variables are controlled as much as possible. Integrated graphics capabilities have already been proven in an earlier article.


Lightwave 3D 9.0 Results

Performance on Lightwave 3D (a very processor-centric test) was up to our expectations as it managed to outclass the Llano APU. On both scenarios, the A10-5800K did marginally better than the FX-8150. While such an achievement is commendable, the entire AMD contingent lost out to an entry-level Intel Core i3-3220 processor.

The Good
Excellent SoC solution for mainstream users
Ideal for HTPC and compact desktops
Affordable GPU boost with Dual Graphics
Low power consumption
Multi-monitor gaming capable
Good value
The Bad
Poor compute performance in some tests
Doesn't perform better than Llano all the time
Dual Graphics doesn't work with 7000 series GPUs
No FM1 socket support

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