AMD A10-5800K 'Black Edition' Trinity APU - AMD Takes HSA to Newer Heights

Launch SRP: S$169

Results - 3ds Max 8 (SP2) & Futuremark 3DMark Vantage

3ds Max 8 (SP2) Results

This rendering test again underscores the anemic CPU compute prowess of the flagship Trinity desktop APU. It was just simply outclassed by all its competitors and even by its own older A8-3850 Llano counterpart.


Futuremark 3DMark Vantage Results

Where graphics performance is concerned, by now we should all be aware that this is usually constrained by the GPU itself and not much of the platform. There's only two ways to ascertain if the CPU/platform has any impact. The first option is to run the gaming tests at light workloads so as not to saturate the GPU and see if the CPU/platform can provide any extra benefit. The second is to run a very powerful GPU setup that's in SLI/CrossFire mode and hope that you can bottleneck the platform. Since the platforms in question are either mainstream or entry-level in nature, the latter test is not relevant not appropriate. 

Having said that, we're also using an old GPU in the form of a GeForce GTX 260 (as mentioned in the test setup page) as we would like to pit the Trinity against much older platforms tested in the past. The use of a single discrete GPU will ensure we can test the platform's influence on our tests. For those wondering about integrated graphics performance comparisons, do check out this dedicated article.

Back to the performance testing with the same discrete GPU across all platforms, the A10-5800K is only better than the Llano APU by a margin of 5.2% in the CPU score, but is still a few steps behind the Intel competitor. With regards to the overall performance score, it's still quite GPU bound, so the small gains weren't really appreciable. But if you had to nitpick, it's surprising to see the Trinity APU come out a tad faster than Llano and the Core i3-3220 processor.

The Good
Excellent SoC solution for mainstream users
Ideal for HTPC and compact desktops
Affordable GPU boost with Dual Graphics
Low power consumption
Multi-monitor gaming capable
Good value
The Bad
Poor compute performance in some tests
Doesn't perform better than Llano all the time
Dual Graphics doesn't work with 7000 series GPUs
No FM1 socket support

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