AMD A10-5700 Trinity Desktop APU - Going Back for Seconds

Launch SRP: S$136

Results - SYSmark 2007 Preview & Lightwave 3D 9.0

SYSmark 2007 Results

In this platform-intensive benchmark, our AMD A10-5700 was found to be trailing about 7.7% behind the top-end A10-5800K. This sounds in-line with its 11% difference in raw clock speed. Despite this, the A10-5700 still came out to be 12% speedier than the previous generation Llano APU.


Lightwave 3D 9.0 Results

Performance on Lightwave 3D was in-line with what we had witnessed earlier in the SYSmark 2007 benchmark as the A10-5700 only managed to outclass the previous generation Llano APU - barely. In some test situations like the 4- or 8-thread runs, the A10-5700 actually ranks in slower than the best Llano-based desktop APU.

The Good
Ideal top-tier Trinity APU for non-overclockers
Great for HTPC and compact desktops
Multi-monitor gaming capable
Low power consumption
The Bad
Needs new Socket FM2 motherboards
Poor compute performance in some tests
Doesn't perform better than Llano all the time
Limited overclocking capabilities