AMD A10-5700 Trinity Desktop APU - Going Back for Seconds

Launch SRP: S$136

Results - Futuremark PCMark Vantage

Futuremark PCMark Vantage Results

To measure the system's performance across a wide variety of common tasks such as photo viewing, photo editing, video, music and productivity, we made use of our trusty PCMark Vantage benchmark to gauge the performance of a processor. For the benchmark's overall score, the AMD A10-5700 trailed behind the A10-5800K by a margin of 8%; as a whole, the Trinity APUs performed at a higher par than their main competitor, the Intel Core i3-3220, by pulling ahead with margins in the range of 3.2- to 11.5%. An anomaly is observed in the Memories Suite results, as the A10-5700 pulled ahead of the A10-5800K by a margin of about 4%.

The Good
Ideal top-tier Trinity APU for non-overclockers
Great for HTPC and compact desktops
Multi-monitor gaming capable
Low power consumption
The Bad
Needs new Socket FM2 motherboards
Poor compute performance in some tests
Doesn't perform better than Llano all the time
Limited overclocking capabilities