Aftershock XG13 - The VFM Gaming Notebook Choice

Battery Life, Power Consumption & Portability Index

Battery Life & Power Consumption

Before we begin our analysis of the Aftershock XG13’s performance in our battery tests, it is important to remember that the MSI GE40 scored so well because it could not run our usual benchmark (Powermark) and we had to resort to our old testing methodology, which was to loop a 720p HD video over and over. Clearly, the latest Core processors and NVIDIA graphics are really well optimized for playing video, hence the discrepancy in timings.

As for the XG13, it recorded 144 minutes on Powermark - 28 minutes shorter than Razer Blade - which was not unexpected considering it has a more power-hungry processor and a smaller battery - 62.16Wh vs. the Blade’s 70Wh battery. This puts power consumption at 25.89W, just 6% more than the Blade, which is actually decent when you consider that it also has a higher resolution and more power draining IPS display panel. 



Portability Index

Our Portability Index factors in battery life, weight and volume so you can see which notebook is the most worthwhile to carry around. The Aftershock XG13 managed a Portability Index score of 0.502, which is significantly poorer than the Razer Blade. The reasons for this can be attributed to its poorer battery life and larger dimensions and heavier weight. In practice we have to admit that while the XG13 is noticeably bulkier than the Blade, it was not much heavier - the actual difference in weight between the two is actually just 200g. Overall, the XG13 is still pretty portable and as our performance benchmarks have shown, it is marginally quicker than the Blade, so overall, it’s a fair trade off in our opinion.

Take note that the portability of the MSI GE40 is based on the video looping run which gives it a better footing (no thanks to its inability to run Powermark).

The Good
Good performance
Superb screen
Excellent keyboard and accurate trackpad
Lots of customizable options
The Bad
Drab looks, lots of plastic
Mediocre battery life
Thicker than direct rivals
Best Valued for Money

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