Aftershock Titan - Dual-GPU Desktop Quality Notebook Gaming

'Portable' Dual-GPU Power


When it comes to notebooks you generally can't have it all. If you're looking for portability, your performance is probably going to suffer (see: Razer Blade). Likewise, if you're after performance, you probably won't be taking your machine around with you everywhere - at least not without some major back pain. The Aftershock Titan sits all the way over on the performance side of the scale. It's not going to win any awards for design, innovation or mobility. It hasn't got any fancy LED lighting. It doesn't look like a fighter jet or an alien space ship. It doesn't have a 3D screen. It doesn't even come supplied with extra gaming peripherals or a free mouse mat and t-shirt. But it is, without a doubt, the most powerful gaming notebook available locally, right now.

Can a notebook play Crysis 2 at Ultra High settings on 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution with nearly 60 FPS on average? The Titan most certainly can.

Aftershock should be commended for keeping the price of the Titan fairly affordable, even with a pair of GeForce GTX 680M GPUs inside - which aren't cheap. To give you an idea, upgrading a Dell Alienware M17XR4 from a GTX 675M to a single GTX 680M will set you back an extra S$561.75. Using another comparison, at only S$208 more than MSI's single GTX 680M-equipped GT70, you're getting about 50% more performance at the highest settings, a massive improvement that will mean the difference between playing games on the High setting, and playing games on the Ultra setting. As mentioned previously, it provides roughly the same level of performance as a single desktop NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680, NVIDIA's flagship graphics card - an impressive feat, especially when you consider the size and weight of a GTX 680.

All things considered, the Titan will be a great choice for gamers who refuse to compromise on game quality settings and don't plan on moving their notebook - don't forget, its power brick alone weighs more than most Ultrabooks. While you'll probably want to plug in your own peripherals (definitely a mouse at least), and it's not likely to turn many heads, in return you get enthusiast-level desktop gaming quality, something previously unheard of in a notebook from this region.

Overall rating 8/10
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The Good
Dual-680M GPUs provides desktop-quality graphics performance
Only slightly more expensive than single GTX 680M-equipped gaming notebooks available
Large clickpad
Matte, full HD screen
The Bad
Plain design
Huge and heavy power brick
Cramped keyboard
Sticky clickpad
Best Gaming Rig

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