YouTube Close to Announcing Paid Subscription Plans (Updated)

YouTube Close to Announcing Paid Subscription Plans (Updated)


Update (10th May): YouTube has officially launched its paid subscription service. Initially launching as a pilot program for 53 channels (click here for the full list), subscription fees start at US$0.99 per month.

Every channel has a 14-day free trial, and many offer discounted yearly rates. Once you subscribe, you’ll be able to watch paid channels on your computer, phone, tablet and TV. 

As of now, the subscription channels are only available in the US.

Google‘s YouTube subscription plans for specialist video channels have been speculated over before, but could be officially announced as soon as this week, according to The service will apply to as many as 50 YouTube channels, with subscription to each channel costing about US$1.99 a month. states that the subscription service will enable channel operators to produce different content, such as TV shows and films. Current YouTube channel partners include World Wrestling Entertainment, The Onion and Machinima, however, it is unknown which channels exactly have signed on to the subscription service.

Source: YouTube

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