Windows Blue Update Leaked!

Windows Blue Update Leaked!

An early build of Windows Blue has been leaked online. This next version of Windows promises to improve on the current Windows 8 user experience. For starters, the tile of the Modern UI can be made up to 25 per cent smaller than a current Windows 8 tile, and it can also be configured to be four times as large too.

It is reported that Microsoft is adding some color customization to its desktop as well as additional Snap Views. This will allow users to place applications side-by-side in the Modern view of updated Windows operating system, it also allows the user to use Modern applications in a multi-display setup.


The common theme of Windows Blue update seems to be empowering the user to tweak the settings of the Windows OS without having to drill deep into the menu items of the Control Panel. The changes made are collectively seen as a move to make the updated OS more touch-friendly. Windows Blue is expected to be made publicly available later this year, and is reportedly the start of a shift to an annual Windows update cycle

(Source: Winforum via The Verge)

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