Windows 8 Tablets with Intel Chips Expected in Novermber

Windows 8 Tablets with Intel Chips Expected in Novermber


Microsoft's upcoming Windows 8 is expected to be released in October 2012. If you have been keeping up with the news, you will know that the OS is extremely ambitious in its aims to provide a cohesive, unified interface across all computing devices ranging from desktops, notebooks, smartphones and tablets.

Rumors have it that we can expect to see this aim in action as early as November 2012, when Windows 8 tablets are expected to be released. It is assumed that even though Windows 8 will support ARM-based chips, Intel will be supplying a new "Clover Trail" chip which will be used to power a new slew of tablets. Tablets based on Ivy Bridge processors should also be released.

A roadmap and reference design has been unveiled by Intel before. But details about what form the actual products will take are still sketchy. Windows 8 does have the potential to revolutionize the tablet game, but only time will tell if they succeed. 

Source: CNET via Techland

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