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Windows 8 Sales Not as Good as Expected, But is Steadily Improving

Windows 8 Sales Not as Good as Expected, But is Steadily Improving


A senior executive at popular online retailer NewEgg has just revealed that sales of Windows 8 is not as explosive as Microsoft has hoped. However, he adds that numbers are steadily improving. To date, the company has sold about half the number of Windows 8 copies that it originally stocked.

Merle McIntosh, SVP of Product Management of NewEgg North America, said that while he has heard stories that certain retailers will offer discounts on Windows 8 to accelerate sales during the holiday season, Newegg has no plans to do so. Also, he believes that sales of Windows 8 will probably not take off until mid-2013, explaining that Windows 8 cannot be compared to Windows 7.

“It doesn’t even come close,” McIntosh said. “As you know ... the Windows 7 launch was coming in to solve a Vista problem, and there was lots of lots of pent-up demand for it. And so for the launch - at launch - the Win 8 stuff doesn’t compare, really.”

Finally, he adds that while sales of Windows 8 has been lukewarm, he's encouraged by sales of Windows 8 hardware such as notebooks and tablets.

Source: ReadWrite

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