Will New iPhone Sport 64-bit "A7" Processor?

Will New iPhone Sport 64-bit "A7" Processor?

It is no secret now that Apple will be announcing its new iPhone on September 10. What remains a secret, however, is what the new iPhones will look like and what kind firepower it will pack under its hood.

The latest rumor suggests that the new iPhone will sport a brand new "A7" processor and while this new processor will be dual-core, like its predecessor, it will be based on a 64-bit architecture. This new "A7" processor is also rumored to provide as much as 31% increase in performance over the current iPhone 5.

In addition, it is also said that the new iPhone will have a chip dedicated solely to motion tracking. How this chip will be used is still unclear, but it is likely to be used in a video recording capacity, allowing the new iPhone to record slow-motion video at 120fps.

In any case, all shall be revealed soon.

Source: 9to5 Mac

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