Twitter Brings You Alerts

Twitter Brings You Alerts

Twitter has launched an alert system for emergency broadcasts.

This new feature provides useful and important messaging during times of crisis, like emergency evacuations or natural disasters, when other forms of communications are inaccessible.

Say you've subscribed to one of the organizations (American Red Cross, World Health Organization etc.) which uses Twitter Alerts. You're touring in Japan, and an earthquake occurs. With this feature, you'll be able to receive a Twitter notification and SMS for accurate and reliable information about the earthquake so you know which places to avoid.

The Alerts feature is especially useful when you have families or friends residing at disaster-prone areas. When other forms of communicating tools become inaccessible, the user may want to find out which areas are the most severely hit or whether the destination will still be a safe decision to travel to.

Also, if a governmental organization needs to share information about a imminent haze coming the country’s way, Twitter Alerts can help assist the organization and send out a notification to relevant parties.

This is Twitter's initial release of its Twitter Alerts. Twitter will continue to explore new ways to expand this functionality globally with more features and improvements.

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