TDK Launches SNG4A SSD Series with M.2 Form Factor Support

TDK Launches SNG4A SSD Series with M.2 Form Factor Support

TDK has announced the successful development of the SNG4A series SATA II (SATA 3Gbps) compatible industrial SSDs.

Image source: TDK.

The new NAND flash memory modules enable storage capacities of up to 64GB with SLC type NAND flash memory. Measuring only approx. 22 x 42mm, the modules support use in M.2 slots and will be available from August 2014.

The SNG4A series employs the GBDriver RS4 developed by TDK. Enhanced ECC and other functions significantly bolsters data reliability, such as read retry, auto recovery, data randomizer, and auto refresh. Service life diagnosis software (TDK SMART) facilitates quantitative lifespan management of flash storage.

Also, data security has been enhanced. In addition to the standard ATA security complement, AES 128-bit encryption and a TDK proprietary security function are also available. This makes it possible to store data in the NAND type flash memory in encrypted form, to guard against the risk of data leaks and tampering, resulting in highly robust storage security.

The TDK SNG4A series of industrial M.2 form factor SSDs are SATA flash memory drives ideally suited for use as replacements for hard disk drives or mSATA type SSDs in industrial equipment and embedded devices.

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