With the Structure Sensor, Your iPad Can Scan Anything into 3D

With the Structure Sensor, Your iPad Can Scan Anything into 3D

Ever wanted to make a 3D model of something but didn't know how? The Structure Sensor from Occipital turns an iPad into a mobile 3D scanner, and lets you turn anything into a 3D model. It's currently on pre-order and a limited number will be available in April 2014.

From the looks of it, the Structure Sensor can make rough 3D models of objects, complete with textures. It can also map entire rooms, and we're not just talking about panoramas like Microsoft's Photosynth technology, the Structure Sensor seems to be able to detect and create 3D depth in the simulation. Check out the demo video to see how it works:

The most intriguing part about the Structure Sensor isn't just its ability to map 3D objects though, it's how Occipital is releasing a Structure SDK for developers to create apps for it. Here are more demos showing what's possible with the Structure Sensor, first is an augmented reality game where virtual objects can interact around real world objects, and the second demo shows a Structure Sensor paired with an Oculus Rift to allow real-world hand-tracking in simulated space.

If the Structure Sensor works, imagine have a 3D model of your favorite toy or a 3D demo of a rental room to show. The demo 3D objects look a little primitive with patchy textures and surfaces, but the product is still being finalized for release. We can't wait to see if it lives up to its promise.

Source: Structure.io via Bit Rebels.

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