Steve Jobs Now a Manga Protagonist

Steve Jobs Now a Manga Protagonist

Image Source: Kotaku

The late Steve Jobs, best known for turning Apple into the tech behemoth it is today ( though its stocks are taking a tumble now), will soon get his own manga series. According to Kotaku, Japanese manga artist, Mari Yamazaki -- best known for her work on Thermae Romae -- is currently working on a biographical manga series on Steve Jobs.

Since it's biographical, don't expect fireballs, magic or some other kind of action. The most action they will likely see might just be some old fashioned verbal abuse by Jobs (maybe at Tim Cook or Jonathan Ive). The series will be appearing in Kiss, a Japanese comics magazine that caters to female readers.  The manga series will be titled, Steve Jobs, which isn't very creative, but quite appropriate in our opinion.  

Source: NariNari, via Kotaku

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