Sony Reveals PlayStation 4 Teaser

Sony Reveals PlayStation 4 Teaser

Sony announced the PlayStation 4 back in February. While a large amount of information was made available to the public regarding the hardware, specifications and features of the new console, no actual image of the product was released. Now, Sony has revealed a short clip which provides glimpses and flashes of what the PlayStation 4 will actually look like.

The full reveal of the PlayStation 4 has been scheduled for Sony's presentation at E3 this year on 10th June. So why release a teaser video today? Microsoft will be showcasing their next iteration of the Xbox console soon and  it is clear that the move from Sony is a bid to steal some of their competitor's thunder.

The Sony PlayStation 4 is expected to be available in time for the holiday season this year although no concrete release date and pricing has been provided.

Source: PlayStation Blog via The Verge 

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