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Some PlayStation 4 Owners Experiencing "Blue Light of Death"

Some PlayStation 4 Owners Experiencing "Blue Light of Death"

Some Sony PlayStation 4 owners have reported problems with their consoles. The problem manifests itself as a pulsating blue light along the casing that does not go away. If setup correctly, the light along its casing should flash blue and then white.

This has led owners to dub the problem as the "blue light of death", in reference to the infamous "red ring of death" that plagued many Xbox 360 owners at launch.

Sony has since posted a lengthy set of troubleshooting tips on the PlayStation 4 support forums, but according to owners, the tips did not offer any sure fix. Neither owners nor Sony could pinpoint the exact cause of this anomaly yet.

Another report suggest that Sony is expecting a 0.4% failure rate for its new console. With over a million consoles sold, this means that the number of faulty systems could potentially be around 4000.

Source: Kotaku, International Business Times


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