Sapphire HD 7950 FleX Edition Announced

Sapphire HD 7950 FleX Edition Announced

Sapphire announces its HD 7950 FleX Edition graphics card.

Image source: Sapphire

The Sapphire FleX family can support three DVI monitors in Eyefinity mode and deliver a true SLS (Single Large Surface) work area without the need for active adapters. The first two monitors are connected to the two DVI ports and the third to an HDMI to DVI cable with no extra hardware required.

With this feature, the Sapphire HD 7950 FleX is the highest performing card from Sapphire, allowing gamers to use low-cost DVI monitors for all three screens. Offering core clock speeds of 860MHz and 5000MHz for the memory, users can download the new version of the Sapphire overclocking tool, TriXX, which allows tuning of GPU voltage as well as core and memory clocks.

On top of that, the card is ready for DX11.1 and the Windows 8 OS while still delivering features of the current DX11 such as DirectCompute11 and multi-threaded communications with the CPU.

Source: Sapphire

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