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SanDisk Announces Acquisition of SMART Storage Systems

SanDisk Announces Acquisition of SMART Storage Systems

SanDisk has just announced its acquisition of SMART storage systems, a company whose specialization lies in enterprise grade SSDs. The deal is valued at around US$307 million and around 250 employees from SMART storage systems will join SanDisk.

This moves expands SanDisk's enterprise portfolio and signals the company's ambitions to have a larger footprint in the enterprise space. SanDisk CEO Sanjay Mehrotra has also been using acquisition to bolster the company's patent portfolio and technologies to help make its chips faster and more energy efficient.

The move is also seen as one that diversifies the company's interest. Previously, the company has been more well known for its consumer offerings. However, it faces stiff and increasingly crowded competition in the SSD consumer space.

Source: Bloomberg


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