Samsung Announces New TLC NAND SSD, the SSD 840 Evo

Samsung Announces New TLC NAND SSD, the SSD 840 Evo

Samsung has just announced a new consumer-grade SSD at its SSD Summit in Korea. The new drive is called the SSD 840 Evo and it is Samsung's second drive to use TLC NAND and will also feature a new MEX controller.

TLC NAND utilize 3-bit-per-cell MLC NAND, this means that each cell can store up to eight possible data values as opposed to the more commonly used 2-bit-per-cell MLC NAND which can only store up to four. Therefore, for the same capacity, the TLC die will be smaller, which means more dies per wafer and lower production costs for NAND memory makers; and also more affordable drives for consumers.

Samsung's earlier SSD 840 drive was the first to use TLC NAND and was noted for its poor write performance. The new SSD 840 Evo will attempt to rectify this. The MEX controller is based on the MDX controller in the SSD 840 and SSD 840 Pro, but with higher clock speeds - up from 300MHz to 400MHz.

Additionally, SSD 840 Evo will feature TurboWrite technology, a high performance write buffer that operates in SLC mode. Data is first stored to this buffer and then written to the drive when it is idle.

The SSD 840 Evo will also be the first to implement Dynamic Thermal Guard, which dials down performance if it sense that the drive is operating above its ideal operating temperature range.

The SSD 840 Evo will be available in five capacity points - 120GB, 250GB, 500GB, 750GB and 1TB. Prices begin at US$109 for the 120GB model and top out at US$650 for the 1TB model.

Source: Anandtech


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