Rumor: NVIDIA to Launch GK110-Based GeForce Graphics Card

Rumor: NVIDIA to Launch GK110-Based GeForce Graphics Card

NVIDIA is rumored to be launching a GK110-based graphics card called GeForce Titan. This new card will be named Titan and is positioned squarely between incumbent high-end consumer graphics cards based on the GeForce GTX 680 and the dual-GPU GeForce GTX 690.

Photograph of the Kepler GK110 die. (Image Source: NVIDIA)

According to Swedish website SweClockers, the GeForce Titan will be priced at US$899 and made available as earlier as end of February this year. Eschewing the end-consumer GeForce GTX 600 series' GK104 graphics processor, the GeForce Titan will be powered by the Kepler GK110 GPU that is featured in NVIDIA's enterprise-class Tesla graphics card series.

Due to the complexity of the Kepler GK110 GPU, NVIDIA is allegedly not allowing graphics card manufacturers to meddle with the design of the product; instead, the company will only sell suppliers of graphics cards pre-built boards and will let them place stickers on cooling solutions, just like in case of GeForce GTX 690. The GeForce Titan is supposed to deliver 85% of GeForce GTX 690 performance levels, with "...a number of interesting performance optimizations and capabilities.". Do watch this space as we keep tabs on more Titan developments.

(Source: NVIDIA, SweClockers via Xbit Labs)

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