Ricoh's New 'Desk Edge' Projectors Keep Clutter Off the Table by Placing I/Os & Vents at the Front

Ricoh's New 'Desk Edge' Projectors Keep Clutter Off the Table by Placing I/Os & Vents at the Front

 The Ricoh PJ WX3340N is a DLP-based, WXGA projector with a 'desk edge' design, where its interfaces and vents are placed right in front. (Image source: Ricoh.)

Meeting room tables are often messy; and the culprits are usually cables, whether they’re from laptops, projectors, or extension cords. Other than cutting the cord and going wireless (not possible with power though), sometimes, what's really needed is a dose of common sense. Today, Ricoh Singapore has launched a few ‘desk edge’ projectors, headlined by the PJ WX3340 and PJ WX3340N. In a nutshell, these projectors have a 'rear-front' design that puts the interfaces and vents right in front of the projector (yes, on the lens side). By keeping the back clear, this reduces the cable clutter on the table. Also as a result, the audience need not subject themselves to the fan noise and hot air.

Besides this unique and thoughtful design, these two single-chip DLP, WXGA (that’s 1,280 x 800 pixels) projectors have an auto brightness function that adjusts brightness and optimizes image quality based on the ambient lighting, which also helps to prolong lamp life and conserve power consumption. The difference between the WX3340N and the non-N version is the former is a network-capable model, supporting both wired (gigabit Ethernet) and wireless LAN (802.11n) connections. It’s also capable of auto focus. Through an optional interactive kit (priced at S$1,080, and consists of an interactive pen and a dongle), you can turn either projector into an interactive projector, which allows you to make changes to your content, and even save them.

Other features of Ricoh’s Desk Edge series projectors include a Wall Color mode that’s capable of maximizing focus and minimizing distortion on colored walls, a digital presentation timer that can be displayed in the corner or in full screen mode, USB connectivity for PC-free presentations (WX3340N), and a multi-screen mode (WX3340N) that allows a presentation to be projected through four different projectors across four different locations. The network-enabled model also supports iOS device integration via the Ricoh Smart Presenter app; for example, you can use it on your iPad to control a presentation and share documents.

The Ricoh PJ WX3340 and PJ WX3340N are priced at S$1,390 and S$1,550 respectively. They will be available from August 28, 2013 directly from Ricoh Singapore.


Ricoh PJ WX4240N Short Throw Projector

Launched alongside the two Desk Edge Series projectors is the PJ WX4240N, a single-chip DLP, WXGA short throw projector. Of course, the biggest feature of this model is its short throw function, which lets you project an 80-inch image at just 80cm from the screen. This makes the projector suitable from places where space is a premium. Furthermore, it can be wall or ceiling-mounted.

The Ricoh PJ WX4240N is very similar to the WX3340N; the main difference is this is a short throw model. (Image source: Ricoh.)

Like the WX3340 and WX3340N, this short throw beamer also sports Ricoh’s rear-front design, which means its I/Os and vents are also placed at the front. Like the WX3340N, users are treated with automatic brightness control, optional interactivity features when combined with a Point Blank-compatible interactive interface, wired and wireless networking, and compatibility with the Ricoh Smart Presenter iOS app (according to Ricoh, an Android app is planned, but no timeline was given). Other features like the presentation timer, 10W mono speaker, and being 3D projection-ready are also onboard.

The Ricoh PJ WX4240N is priced at S$1,840, and will be available from August 28, 2013 directly from Ricoh Singapore.

Ricoh PJ WX3340 vs. WX3340N vs. WX4240N
  WX3340 WX3340N WX4240N
Tech 1-chip DLP 1-chip DLP 1-chip DLP
Resolution 1,280 x 800 1,280 x 800 1,280 x 800
Brightness 3,000lm 3,000lm 3,000lm
Contrast Ratio 5,000:1 5,000:1 5,000:1
Zoom Ratio 1.5 1.5 -
Lamp Life (Eco) 3,500 hrs (5,000 hrs) 3,500 hrs (5,000 hrs) 3,500 hrs (5,000 hrs)
Projection Screen Size 40-240 inches 40-240 inches 60-140 inches
Projection Distance 0.77-7.33m 0.77-7.33m 0.61-1.48m
Speaker 10W mono 10W mono 10W mono
Video Input 2 x D-Sub, RCA, HDMI 2 x D-Sub, RCA, HDMI 2 x D-Sub, RCA, HDMI
USB No Yes (Type A) Yes (Type A)
LAN No Yes (wired and wireless) Yes (wired and wireless)
Weight 3.0kg 3.1kg 3.1kg
Price S$1,390 S$1,550 S$1,840
Warranty 2 years carry-in 2 years carry-in 2 years carry-in

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