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Red Screen Doubles Battery Life of Nexus One

Red Screen Doubles Battery Life of Nexus One

Logically speaking, having a mono color screen would help save battery life, but by now, we've all have become accustomed to color screens on our phones. But in a what may seem like a crazy idea to save battery life turns out to be a pretty interesting experiment after all. For the Google Nexus One, it seems that having a red screen is the best choice, as it reduces power consumption by 42% and just about doubles the battery life of the phone. Just don't wave your new power saving Nexus One in front of a bull and you'll be fine. - Hooking up his handset to an industrial power meter, Android engineer Jeff Sharkey discovered a blood-red screen drew 42 percent less current than full color -- the least of any combination by far -- purportedly doubling the effective battery life of the phone.

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