Qualcomm Announces 'UltraHD' Snapdragon 805 Processor

Qualcomm Announces 'UltraHD' 4K Snapdragon 805 Processor

At its annual New York Analyst Market today, Qualcomm announced several new products for 2014, including a Snapdragon 805 'UltraHD' processor, that will support 4K resolution video, imaging and graphics for mobile devices. The company also announced the first 4G LTE modem designed on 20nm architecture.

Qualcomm states that its upcoming Snapdragon 805 'UltraHD' processor will be "like having IMAX quality resolution on your smartphone and tablet." The processor will be armed with Qualcomm's new Adreno 420 GPU and Krait 450 quad-core CPUs and will be capable of displaying 4K resolution video, imaging and graphics, with running speeds of up to 2.5 GHz per core. The Snapdragon 805 will also boast the first Gpixel/s throughput camera support in a mobile processor for enhanced camera speed, imaging quality and sharper, crisper photos.

Qualcomm's new 4th generation Gobi MDM9x35 LTE modem is the first to be designed with 20 nm architecture, and will be the first to support global carrier aggregation deployments up to 40 MHz for both LTE TDD and LTE FDD Category 6 with downloaded speeds of up to 300 Mbps.

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