In the Pipeline: Intel Smart Watch

In the Pipeline: Intel Smart Watch

Intel's chief technical officer Justin Rattner has recently confirmed that a smart watch is in the pipeline. He admitted at Bloomberg's Next Big Thing conference where he mentioned the work-in-progress device was part of Intel's broad plan to explore alternative display devices.

Shown here is the alleged Apple iWatch. (Image Source: Google)

According to Mr. Rattner, the Intel smart watch would be capable of displaying text messages, and it will offload some of the processing work from the smartphone or mobile device to which the watch is paired with. There were rumors since late last year that the chip giant was working together with Apple on a Bluetooth-enabled smart watch. According to PhoneArena, Mr. Rattner didn't divulge any more details that would have confirmed the early rumor.

Such wearable computing devices could be the next big thing as more companies introduce their wares. In February this year, we reported that Apple has a team of 100 working on their new smart watch, while GEAK, a subsidiary of online games giant Shanda, intends to release an Android-based version. Currently on the market, the Pebble E-Paper watch can be considered one of the most popular wearable computing devices. For our take on the future of the smart watch, do head on over here.

(Source: PhoneArena)

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