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Oops, Isn't Happy with Microsoft's OneDrive

Oops, Isn't Happy with Microsoft's OneDrive

There could yet be another brand dispute on the horizon for Microsoft over the newly christened OneDrive. As we reported earlier, OneDrive is the new name chosen to replace SkyDrive, after the Redmond-headquartered company lost a lawsuit with British TV broadcaster BSkyB. Now, by way of Neowin,, a company which also offers cloud storage solutions under the ‘Cloud Drive’ branding for the past three years, is looking to protect the name.

Thomas Medard Frederiksen, COO of told Neowin:

It was a big surprise to me that Microsoft have decided to name their cloud service OneDrive. For me, it’s important to protect our brand company name.

We wonder if Microsoft knew about before deciding on the OneDrive name. If so, it must have felt that it’s able to successfully defend against any such dispute (or reach an agreement afterwards). If not, that would be pretty sloppy research.

Source: Neowin.

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