NVIDIA Reveals Product Roadmaps for GPUs and Tegra SoCs

Beyond Tegra 4

The next roadmap revealed was Tegra's and hot on the heels of Tegra 4 are Logan and Parker respectively. Logan is Tegra's 4 successor and it sports a Kepler GPU with support for OpenGL 4.3. It is slated for an official announcement this year and by early next year, it will be scheduled for volume production.

(Image Source: NVIDIA)

CEO Jen-Hsun whetted the appetites of Tegra fans with a side story in the form of developers' kit called Kayla. This platform is powered by a Tegra quad-core ARM processor and a Kepler GPU with support for both CUDA 5 and OpenGL 4.3. It provides an ideal platform for developers to test their ARM-optimized applications, giving them an early start before the official launch of Logan.

(Image Source: NVIDIA)

Parker is the successor to Logan and it will sport a Denver CPU with a Maxwell-based graphics core. It will also feature FinFET transistor architecture that is touted to conserve power as well as the advantage of a faster-to-market delivery that will reduce its risk of obsolescence. On a lighter note, CEO Jen-Hsun introduced Kayla as Logan's girlfriend. This is definitely a delight to early adopters of NVIDIA first CUDA-enabled Tegra SoCs. Stay tuned for more details as we uncover more about these new products in the horizon.

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