NVIDIA Announces New Lineup of Kepler-Based Quadro Graphics Cards

New Quadro Cards Lineup


New Quadro Cards Lineup

The Kepler-based Quadro graphics cards targeted at the working class of professionals includes:-


NVIDIA Quadro K4000

NVIDIA Quadro K4000 (Image Source: NVIDIA)

The NVIDIA Quadro K4000 is a high-end card, in a single-slot format, that is suitable for graphics-intensive computing requirements. With 3GB of video memory and support for up to four video displays, this card is a viable alternative to the top-end Quadro K5000.


NVIDIA Quadro K2000/K2000D

NVIDIA Quadro K2000 (Image Source: NVIDIA)

This mid-range card sports 2GB of onboard memory, coupled with its 128-bit memory bus width, makes it suited for a broad range of applications. This card also has a variant in the form of the Quadro K2000D that supports two dual-link DVI display connectors for interfacing with ultra-high-resolution medical imaging displays.

NVIDIA Quadro K2000D (Image Source: NVIDIA)


NVIDIA Quadro K600

NVIDIA Quadro K600 (Image Source: NVIDIA)

This low-profile, entry-level offering from NVIDIA has been certified to work with a wide range of professional applications. It sports 1GB of onboard memory and has support for up to two video displays.

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