Now Available: Smart Glasses from Epson

Now Available: Smart Glasses from Epson

Everything that comes with the Moverio BT-200 - battery, control unit and glasses.

Epson has just announced that they are starting to ship their Moverio BT-200 for US$699.99 – less than half of what Google’s Glass is going for. The BT-200 boast a display in each lens, giving you an 80-inch perceived screen. A front-facing camera enables augmented reality applications, and the glasses are designed to allow for inserts so you can add prescription lens inserts if needed. Unlike Google Glass, the BT-200 doesn’t just focus on apps, software and augmented reality, but offers a VR-like experience as well, with stereoscopic 3D.

Another major difference is that the glasses aren't wireless, but connected by cable to a controller. This control unit supports Android 4.0, while Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity let you surf the net, play games, and check email from your BT-200. A built-in card slot supports up to 32GB microSD cards, and the control unit itself contains motion sensors and a textured touchpad for gesture support.

Epson is already working with enterprises and developers like APX Labs and Metaio to incorporate the BT-200's augmented reality capabilities to allow for use-cases like retail and wholesale supply chain tracking, surgical training for doctors in the operating room, and remote field service support for complex repair operations. 

Front view of the Movario BT-200


Sources: Epson, Market Watch

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