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Nikon D600 Time-lapse Shows Dust Accumulation on Sensor

Nikon D600 Time-lapse Shows Dust Accumulation on Sensor

Reports have been coming in of the Nikon D600's tendency to accumulate dust on its sensor. Photographer Kyle Clemens bought a brand new D600 to replace his aging D70, and the first thing he did with the camera was to investigate the problem for himself. He set up his D600 with a 50mm f/1.8 lens, pointed it straight at a white piece of paper and shot a total of 1000 images. This time-lapse video of those images show a clear build-up of dust on the upper-left portion of the sensor.

Clemens does mention that he "adjusted the curves and play with sharpening to make this look as bad as I possibly can." Nikon hasn't issued an official comment on the issue. We've updated our review of the D600 with the news.

Source: Kyle Clements via Dpreview.

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