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Newegg Singapore online retail store now open for shopping

Online retailer Newegg now ships to Singapore customers


After more than a month of wait, Newegg has finally sprung open its 'Newegg Singapore store'. Essentially it's still the same Newegg e-commerce website, but what's added is the option to ship to Singapore. Newegg acknowledges that as a new international store, the selection of products available for direct shipping to Singapore would be limited in selection, but it will continue to grow and improve in the months ahead.

Also announced today are new online stores in India, Ireland, Netherlands, New Zealand and Poland with multilingual customer support.

Here are two tips from Newegg on how you can shop suitably in the right online stores:-

When visiting the Newegg homepage, customers in Singapore can select their country and currency from drop-down menus on Clicking the ‘Newegg Global’ banner in the top left navigation menu shows the products available in the specified region.

Alternatively, international customers shopping a product sub-category—such as Desktop PCs under the PCs & Laptops category—can select the ‘Newegg Global Eligible’ filter to view only those products that ship internationally. Eligible items added to the Shopping Cart display estimated tax, duty and shipping charges before the customer enters billing information and completes their order.

For those wondering why the initial announcement of opening the store by end of June got delayed, it seems like there was a public relations error as the official press release published by Newegg has since been amended to reflect that the new online stores were slated to open by end of August.

No matter, the store is now available and that's what counts.

Interested to compare how it fares against local retailers? You can use our Price List Downloads as a guide. Meanwhile, for selective products, we've got products with prices compared across multiple stores in our Price Guide section.

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Glad I went ahead and bought my processor and cooler through amazon last month. I had thought of waiting on newegg to launch their site but the only time they are competitive is when they have offers on. But when they do have an offer on an item, its not available to be sold in Singapore. What a disappointing launch.

Not interested in the product range. Prices not that competitive. Pass on this.

Too expensive than USA

Took a look at G430 on newegg's site, $100. I got mine at SLS for $88...

LOL took a look at BenQ X2720z.

S$687.54 + tax + shipping = S$17 more expensive then SLS. End up a bit pointless.

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