New Graphics Cards Showcased by MSI at Computex 2012 (Updated)

New Graphics Cards Showcased by MSI at Computex 2012 (Updated)

MSI has unveiled two new graphics cards, namely the GTX 680 Lightning and the HD 7970 Lightning at Computex 2012. While the two products, as the names suggest, are based on technologies from NVIDIA and AMD Radeon respectively, MSI has included their own features to ensure users can eke out extra performance. Featuring MSI's Unlocked Digital Power architecture both graphics cards are primed for overclocking. As a testament to the GTX 680 Lightning's ability, it was used to showcase the new 3DMark for Windows 8 Test Suite at the event.

For the GTX 680 graphics card, it is fitted with MSI's own GPU Reactor for better VRM of the card. The GPU Reactor was first seen on the MSI R7970 Lightning when it was launched in March this year.

The HD 7850 Power Edition and GTX 670 Power Edition cards are equipped with the Twin Frozr IV thermal design including Propeller Blade technology, dual temperature-controlled fans and SuperPipe technology providing a balance between performance and noise. For performance enthusiasts the HD 7870 Hawk featuring the same Unlocked Digital Power architecture, Military Class III components and Twin Frozr IV cooling is also available.

From the picture above the MSI GTX680 Lightning sat above the MSI R7970 graphics card. They look identical as both cards feature the Twin Frozr IV thermal design

Rounding off the new releases are the HD 7770 Power Edition and HD 7750 Power Edition. These feature TransThermal design which allows allows additional fans to be added as necessary. Apart from supporting Propeller Blade and Dust Removal as well, the single fan module can be upgraded to dual-fan "Double Airflow Mode" for increased air flow and better GPU cooling. Two fans can also be mounted side-by-side in "Dual Fan Mode" to increase the cooling coverage and reduce component temperatures.

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