MSI Z77 MPower Motherboard Launch Event

MSI Z77 MPower Motherboard Launch Event

Local distributor Corbell Technology Pte Ltd organized a MSI Z77 MPower motherboard launch event. The board held stage, together with its strong supporting cast of MSI small form factor motherboards, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 and 650 graphics cards.

Mr Eric Lin, a MSI Section Manager from the company's APAC Sales Department, graced the event and gave an in-depth introduction to the MSI Z77 MPower board. This is MSI's flagship Intel Z77 Express chipset motherboard to be "OC Certified". OC Certified is MSI's stamp of approval from their overclocking testing procedure to guarantee stable overclocking results. The Military Class burn-in test for OC Certified status is the 24-hour Prime95 burn-in test with a liquid-cooled overclocked CPU.


According to Corbell, there is a strong demand for small form factor motherboards and they took the chance to showcase such boards like the MSI H77MA-G43, a micro-ATX board that is based on the Intel H77 Express chipset. This board is ideal for system builders who do not need to overclock their rigs as the board doesn't support CPU overclocking.


The other boards on display were the MSI B75IA-E33, a mini-ITX board that features the Intel B75 Express chipset. This chipset is akin to a stripped down version of the Intel Z77 Express chipset and is targeted at small business owners. The board is similar to the H77MA-G43 as both their chipsets are unable to split their PCIe Gen 3.0 lanes.

The Intel Z77 Express chipset-based mini-ITX boards were also on display. The board has onboard Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n and Bluetooth 3.0+HS modules, which will enable wireless connections for supported devices.

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