MSI Presents Hetis H81 Commercial Desktop PC

MSI Presents Hetis H81 Commercial Desktop PC

MSI has announced its new-gen barebone PC system, the Hetis H81 series.

Image source: MSI. 

Utilizing the Intel H81 chipset while supporting Intel Haswell processors and the Windows 8.1 OS, the Hetis H81 comes with two COM ports to support use in business environments with POS systems, such as hotel registration desks, 24-hour convenience stores, mass merchandisers, and filling stations. These COM ports make it possible to link the PC up directly to a barcode reader, credit card reader, or credit card terminal.

The new system also includes security features, including a PC security lock to prevent theft, and an additional chassis intrusion detection feature. It can additionally be equipped with a TPM security module to provide reinforced protection for personal data.

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