MSI Introduces Ultra-Low Power Wind Top AE1941 AIO PC

MSI Introduces Ultra-Low Power Wind Top AE1941 AIO PC

MSI has released the new ultra-low power Wind Top AE1941 all-in-one PC.

Based on the Intel Celeron 847 processor, the AIO PC retains the white and crystal frame concept from the AE1900 series, and introduces Intel's new gen of ULV (Ultra Low Voltage) CPUs, especially its fanless design. It integrates touch control and multimedia sharing functions with a more energy-efficient, space-saving, minimalistic design to match your home interior.

Featuring a 18.5-inch LED backlight LCD panel with a 16:9 aspect ratio, the AE1941 incorporates exclusive WinTouch4 touch UI design which allows you to master every function, and Smart Media Link and Smart Sync, to take advantage of the cloud technology. Smart Media Link lets you show/play videos, music, and photos in real-time on tablets, notebooks, mobile phones, and DLNA-supporting TVs on Wi-Fi and LAN, while Smart Sync enables you to sync your data on your AIO, including your Outlook contacts and calendar as well as photos, music, texts, and bookmarks, with other computers or mobile phones.

The MSI AIO PC also utilizes LED backlight panels to significantly cut down on power consumption, with each LED panel consuming 30% less power than the conventional CCFL panel.

All images accredited to MSI.

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