Introducing GeForce GTX 670 Graphics Cards by Add-in Partners!

Introducing GeForce GTX 670 Graphics Cards by Add-in Partners!

NVIDIA has announced the GeForce GTX 670, the third SKU based on the 28nm Kepler graphics architecture built from the same DNA as the recently announced GTX 680.

Featuring a base clock speed of 915MHz and boost clock speed of 980MHz, the GTX 670 comes with lesser CUDA cores at 1344, lesser texture mapping units at 112, but offers the identical number of raster operating units at 32 and 256-bit memory bus interface when compared to the GTX 680. Similarly, the cards come equipped with 3 major technologies - the Kepler GPU architecture, NVIDIA GPU Boost, and NVIDIA Adaptive Vertical Sync.

Check out our review of the GeForce GTX 670 against competitive GPUs from AMD and NVIDIA. Additionally, we've also reviewed the ASUS GeForce GTX 670 DirectCU II TOP and the Palit GeForce GTX 670 JetStream edition within that article.

The ASUS GeForce GTX 670 DirectCU II TOP was announced last night. but here in this table below, we give you a quick overview of all the cards launched by the add-in card partners Club 3D, EVGA, MSI, Palit, and Zotac:-

  Base / Boost Clock Memory Clock (DDR)

915 / 980MHz (standard) 6008MHz (standard)


915 / 980MHz (standard)  6008MHz (standard) 


 915 / 980MHz (standard) 6008MHz (standard) 


967 / 1046MHz  6208MHz


967 / 1046MHz 6008MHz (standard)


1006 / 1084MHz 6208MHz

915 / 980MHz (standard) 6008MHz (standard)


 965 / 1045MHz 6008MHz (standard)


915 / 980MHz (standard)   6008MHz (standard)

1006 / 1084MHz 6108MHz

915 / 980MHz (standard) 6008MHz (standard)


1098 / 1176MHz 6608MHz


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