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HTC Enters The Tablet Fray

HTC Enters The Tablet Fray

Many alternative tablets have surfaced since Apple launched the iPad, but here's one which could pose as a serious threat to the Cupertino camp. The Apple iPad is nice to have, surely, but a competitor could make Jobs and company pay for the pompous oversight in creating a less than ideal byproduct.  It's undeniable consumers would demand more, such as more connectivity options and expandable storage, to cite a few. Now, enter HTC.

HotHardware - Steve Jobs and the rest of his Cupertino cohorts did two things when they released the iPad under Apple's unofficial planned obsolescence model -- you know, the one where Apple leaves off obvious features like a USB port, HDMI connectivity, upgradeable storage, and everything else you'd find on even the most thinly spec'd netbook. First, they left themselves an upgrade path for a second generation iPad, one that will undoubtedly address some, but not all, of the original iPad's shortcomings. And secondly, they left the door wide open for a competitor to storm through with a bona fide "iPad killer," a slate that delivers everything the iPad does, and things it doesn't.

Will HTC even the odds against Apple with an Android-driven tablet? It's anyone's guess, but we're keeping our fingers crossed HTC would give us something effective and wonderfully practical.  Hit this jump for more.

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