Home Automation the Almond+ Way

Home Automation the Almond+ Way

Securifi has just launched the Almond+ as a Kickstarter project. The Almond+ is their take on converging home automation and Wi-Fi networking in a single package with a touchscreen for easy configuration. It rides on the momentum of the original Almond 802.11n touchscreen router.

The company has built support for wireless home automation standards like Insteon, ZigBee, and Z-Wave. It has also updated the wireless networking function of Almond+ to include the 802.11ac standard. Hence, Almond+ is essentially an 802.11ac dual-band router with an integrated Smart Home control hub that is able to work with supported home automation devices right out of the box.

Priced at US$99, the Almond+ integrated router helps lower the total cost of ownership for Wi-Fi networking and home automation investments. Securifi has put up Almond+ as a Kickstarter project and hopes to garner a minimum of US$250,000 in seed money by March 09 before their plans to converge Wi-Fi networking and home automation comes to fruition. For more information on the Almond+, please head over to Securifi's site; for the believers, click here to pledge your funds to this innovative Kickstarter project.

(Source: Securifi, Kickstarter)

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