Google Reported More Than Half the Bugs Addressed in Microsoft's Latest Patch

Google Reported More than Half the Bugs Addressed in Microsoft's Latest Patch

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"Don't be evil." This is the informal corporate motto of Google. Recently, they have put that motto into practice, with Google engineers apparently accounting for more than half the number of bugs and vulnerabilities addressed in one of Microsoft's largest security patch ever.

The latest patch from Microsoft addresses 57 issues in Windows, Internet Explorer, Office and other Microsoft products. Out of the 57, Google is credited with reporting 32 of them. A Google spokesperson has this to say:

"Keeping Internet users safe is about more than just making sure our own products are secure. We frequently report flaws we discover while testing our products and services on various platforms. Reporting bugs to software vendors in a responsible manner is part of a healthy security community."

Of course, it's not only Google that's discovered bugs with its rivals. Microsoft once claimed to have discover a botnet spreading spam and malware across Android devices.

Whether if this is secretly a case of one-upmanship we'll never know, but it's good to know that companies are working together to eradicate bugs and vulnerabilities, even if it is under the pretext of the greater good.

Source: The Verge, Gizmodo

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