Google Ready to Babble

Google Ready to Babble


It has been a busy week for Google. They discontinued Reader, added in mountains for their Maps service, showcased multi-user support for the Nexus 10 and may accidentally have leaked information about their new service Google Keep. But the rumors are not stopping there.

According to multiple sources, Google is going to unify its chat services under the banner of "Babble". Referencing the idle online yammering everyone is guilty of the name also phonetically references the polyglot tower of Babel. An apt title for a consolidated messaging service.

Google's communications offering include Voice, Google Talk within Gmail, messages and comments on Google+, Google Hangouts, chats on Drive documents for collaboration and the failed Google Wave and Google Buzz. 

Google introduced a new privacy policy last year which allowed for the sharing of data between its multiple services. If the conglomeration of its services is to happen, it would allow for greater synergy between all the various platform. With all this activity Google I/O (which is scheduled for May 2013) seems to be shaping up to be a cracker.

Source: Geek via Arstechnica

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