Fujifilm's X-T1 is a Retro Weather-Resistant Mirrorless Camera with a Large Viewfinder

Fujifilm's X-T1 is a Weather-Resistant Mirrorless Camera with a Large Viewfinder

After numerous leaks, Fujifilm's high-end X-T1 camera has been officially announced. The mirrorless system camera has a weather-resistant body and quite possibly the world's best electronic viewfinder (EVF).

The X-T1's 0.5" EVF comes with a magnification ratio of 0.77x, and Fujifilm says it's "the world's fastest display with a lag-time of just 0.005" seconds. The 2.36 million-dot OLED display has a new interface with four display modes, Full mode fills up the screen, Normal provides a framed view, Dual is designed for manual focusing with a split view, and when the camera is rotated vertically for portrait shooting the interface automatically rotates in Normal and Full modes (clever).

The X-T1 comes with the EXR Processor II and 16MP APS-C-sized X-Trans CMOS II sensor found in the X-E2 and X100S. Fujifilm says that autofocus (AF) speeds have been beefed up with the "world's fastest AF of 0.08 seconds" and the ability to shoot at 8 frames per second with subject tracking. The X-T1 is also tough (apparently the 'T' in the name stands for 'tough'), the body has a magnesium frame and is dust, water and freeze-resistant. The optional battery grip also has the same weather-resistance characteristics.

Externally the X-T1 follows Fujifilm's X-series' retro sensibilities with manual dials and controls, but ditches the rangefinder style for an SLR-like design. It's surprisingly not bigger than the X-Pro1 as DP Review shows, the X-T1 is narrower and taller, and is almost the same size as the Olympus OM-D E-M1.

The X-T1 doesn't come with a built-in flash, but a flash attachment will be bundled. Local prices and availability haven't been announced yet, but in the US the body will sell for US$1,299.95 and US$1,699.95 with a 18-55mm f/2.8-4 kit lens next month.

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