French Design Graduate 3D Prints a Film SLR

French Design Graduate 3D Prints a Film SLR

Source: Instructables

Film SLRs might be a product of the past but they will never truly disappear with the help of  Léo Marius. A French design graduate, Marius has created the OpenReflex camera, which can be produced with a 3D printer and US$30 worth of parts. All the design plans and prints can be found on Instructables, with the camera parts remaining separate from the design plans in order for users to easily make modifications to the camera. 

The OpenReflex camera shoots with standard 35mm film and thanks to a custom lens mount, is able to work with any lens. All the components can be printed in under 15 hours, with the camera taking an hour to assemble. Gizmodo has reported that the image quality is akin to a Lomography camera, though it's possible for image quality to improve as the camera design gets improved over time.  

Source: Instructables via Gizmodo

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