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Founder of Bose Corporation Has Passed Away at 83

Founder of Bose Corporation Has Passed Away at 83

Amar Bose, the founder of Bose Corporation, has passed away at 83. Although he founded the company in 1964, the foundations were laid as soon as eight years earlier, when he bought a stereo system and was unsatisfied with its performance. This led him to conduct his own research on acoustics and sound quality. He was then an MIT graduate. His discoveries led to the formation of Bose Corporation, which today makes high-end audio equipments such as speakers, headphones and amplifiers.

Despite his success, Bose was also an Emeritus Professor at MIT, where he was on the faculty for more than 40 years. In 2011, he donated a majority of his company's shares to MIT, so that dividends could be used to support education and research.

Source: AllThingsD, WBUR



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