Enermax Launches Ostrog GT High-End Mid Tower PC Chassis

Enermax Launches Ostrog GT High-End Mid Tower PC Chassis

Enermax has released their Ostrog GT mid-tower chassis. By building on the strengths of the original Ostrog casing, the new Ostrog GT is vaulted to new heights with its new rugged-looking exterior and optimized ventilation characteristics.

The Ostrog GT casing is a souped-up version of the original, with its front ventilation mesh and a pair of 140mm LED cooling fans, it sports a more aggressive and flashy look. The new chassis also features a patented ODD mounting system called SlideIn that appears rather similar to Cooler Master's 5.25-inch ODD mounting system seen here.

Besides offering rig builders a tool-free installation experience, the Ostrog GT has the standard removable HDD cages for ease of configuring its internal layout to accommodate large discrete graphics cards. The Ostrog GT features a comprehensive cooling system as it can house up to ten cooling fans; it comes bundled with up to three cooling fans.

The Ostrog GT is available in four different colors and; red, black, white and blue. It appears that are two versions for each color; the basic version (ECA3280B) is equipped with two 120mm fans, one of which is installed in the front and the other at the rear. The advanced version (ECA3280A) is bundled with three fans; a pair of front LED 140mm cooling fans with power switches, and a rear 120mm fan. The basic version retails for US$69.99 and the advanced version costs US$10 more at US$79.99.

For more information on the specifications of the new Ostrog GT, please visit this link.

(Source: Enermax)

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