CM Storm Sentinel Advance II Gaming Mouse Launched

CM Storm Sentinel Advance II Gaming Mouse Launched

CM Storm introduces the Sentinel Advance II.

Image source: CM Storm

With 128KB of on-board memory and a large ergonomic mouse body, the Sentinel Advance II allows users to store several mouse profiles and their assigned macros on the mouse itself. The CM Storm TactiX which the mouse supports will benefit MMO gamers significantly as they will be able to assign functions to combinations of mouse buttons and wheel. Commands and macros can be programmed to all its 8 buttons, while the Sentinels Advanced Driver Panel allows for creation of detailed Macros and Scripts, including commands to move the mouse pointer to predefined coordinates on your display.

Basic Specifications
Form Factor Right Hand Ergonomic
Sensor Avago ADNS-9800 Laser Sensor
Programmable Buttons 8
Onboard Memory 128KB
Polling Rate 1000Hz / 1ms
Velocity Up to 150ips
Acceleration 30g
Dimensions / Weight 83.6 x 135 x 40mm (L x W x H)

Source: CM Storm

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