BIOSTAR Presents Haswell-Based Hi-Fi Z87X 3D Motherboard

BIOSTAR Presents Haswell-Based Hi-Fi Z87X 3D Motherboard

BIOSTAR has introduced Intel's next gen Haswell-based motherboard, the Hi-Fi Z87X 3D.

Image source: BIOSTAR.

Supporting the Intel socket LGA 1150 (socket H3), the ATX board houses the usual USB 3.0, HDMI, and PCIe slots, and comes loaded with proprietary technologies like the Hi-Fi 3D, Smart Ear 3D, 3D Sound Fields, and 3D Amplifier.

Hi-Fi 3D enables high definition multi-dimensional sound which is based on the basic perception of sound, while Smart Ear 3D provides true reproduction of a virtual 3D space using typical headphones, delivering true 3D sound for music, movies, and games. Users get to select from six types of "3D Sound Fields" such as Hi-Fi Theater, Hi-Fi Hall, Hi-Fi Game spots, Hi-Fi Studio, Hi-Fi Conference, and Hi-Fi Bistro for different applications.

In addition, the new gen built-in 3D Amplifier allows the motherboard to propel high-end headphones with over 100dB load and up to 600ohms impedance, letting you enjoy a fuller range of dynamic sound with crisper details and less distortion.

Smart Ω is another exclusive Hi-Fi 3D function which will auto detect the appropriate gain of your headset and assign a suitable impedance range. The built-in power amplifier, Pre-AMP, also helps boost the speaker volume. The Hi-V Cap, a metalized polypropylene film capacitor for each audio channel circuit, helps deliver low noise, low distortion, and a wide bandwidth to achieve the highest sound resolution and sound expansion.

BIOSTAR Hi-Fi series motherboards have a sampling rate of 192kHz/24-bit that delivers a high quality audio through an analog connection to either your home theater system, multi-channel speakers or high-end headphones.

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