Bamboo Stylus Feel Gets a Non-identical Twin

Bamboo Stylus Feel Gets a Non-identical Twin

Image source: Wacom

Wacom has introduced a new model to the lineup of products under the Bamboo Stylus feel brand.

Optimized for Samsung Galaxy Note devices, the new Bamboo Stylus feel incorporates the Feel IT technology, which aims to create a unique and natural user experience when using a pen with a mobile device. Through EMR (electromagnetic resonance) technology, a highly precise communication is established between an active pen and a special sensor which is built into a number of mobile phones and tablets.

Simply apply different levels of pressure and you will see a precise reflection of this on your compatible mobile device, for example, as a line becomes thicker if you press harder with the stylus. Most of these smartphones and tablets can differentiate up to 512 pressure levels (and some even more). The Bamboo Stylus feel has a switch button on the side that can be customized inside the application on the smartphone or tablet.

You can check out the latest and complete list of compatible mobile devices for the Feel IT active pens here.

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