Aztech Announces WL559E Wall-plugged Wireless-N Repeater

Aztech Announces Wall-plugged Wireless-N Repeater

Suffering from wireless dead spots woes? Aztech Electronics' latest gizmo might help. Announced yesterday, the 300Mbps WL559E is a compact wireless-N repeater designed to extend Wi-Fi coverage in users' homes. The WL559E picks up wireless signals transmitted by the access point or router, and "bounces" them to areas suffering from unstable or inconsistent wireless coverage. Featuring a wall-plugged design and an integrated power adapter, the WL559E draws its power directly from the power outlet, unlike Aztech's previous WL556E model which requires an external power supply adapter. 

Aztech also recommends the wireless repeater for HD streaming purposes. To quote the local company's press release, the 300Mbps WL559E "enables users to stream multiple HD content wirelessly from Internet-enabled TVs, game consoles and media players without lag". Users would be able to determine the wireless signal strength via the unit's Received Signal Strength Indicators (RSSI). Simply put, they are LED indicators on the WL559E which lights up in accordance to the vicinity's wireless signal strength. For example, a single illuminated LED suggests the WL559E is situated in an area with weak Wi-Fi coverage. Correspondingly, three "bars" indicate excellent signal strength. A Wi-Fi Protected Setup or WPS button is available for simple pairing purposes.

The WL559E will be available in Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong by 26th October 2012 at a recommended retail price of S$89.

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